• Space For Climate

    The Overview Effect

    For a NetZero Planet

    ISSUE 1 l

    Mobilities, Transport & Infrastructure Impact FOOTPRINT

    ISSUE 2 l

    Energies & Low Carbon Materials Impact MODEL

    ISSUE 3 l

    Agriculture, Food & Biodiversity Impact HEALTH

    ISSUE 4 l

    Water, Resources & Recycling Impact PLANET ASSETS

    ISSUE 5 l

    Heavy Industry & Building Impact ENVIRONMENT

    ISSUE 6 l

    Carbon Capture Storage & Utilization Impact AIR

    ISSUE 7 l

    (New)Space &

    Climate Data Monitoring Impact RISKs

    ISSUE 8 l

    Digital & Climate Finance Impact ASSET VALUES

    ISSUE 9 l

    Education, Information Tools Impact MINDSET VALUEs

    ISSUE 10 l

    Sustainable & Digital Tools and Policies for Public Sector Impact SCHEMEs