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    ClimateGivingPledge Movement:

    Time is the Real Circularity

    Business Model!


    We Are Billions. Demultiplicate

    our collective impact!

    Start now & join forces

    to Democratize Commitments.

    Already for next Generations!


    CoFunding "OpenClimateTechs"

    Program of Acceleration


    OneHumanity, OneBiosphere!


    Bootstrapping the ClimateGiving Pledges (*)

    To democratize & longterm support for this collective mission:


    "Gathering is a Start, Giving is a Milestone, Time is the Real Circularity"

    • Climate multi-profil Investors, Entrepreneurs, NGOs
    • Developing Contents, Resources, Tools, Task-Force Promoting ClimateGivingPledge By Philanthropy Ventures, Climate-and-Biodiversity-Related

    Ethics Willingness from People & Organisations towards

    • TODAY: Support Think & Do what matters.
    • TOMORROW: Contributing for Sustainable Peace & Security of Next Generations.

    Inspired by the 2 Greatest

    "Chief Raoni METUKTIRE & Yvon CHOUINARD"


    (*) Financial & non-Financial

    Target For 2030, syndicating at least 1B€ Blending Resources, 100% aligned with climate & biodiversity